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Blue mountains at Katoomba

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The Katoomba Men's Shed is a not for profit community organisation affiliated with the Australian Men's Shed Association. It aims to promote the health and wellbeing of men. The Shed is a place for men or all ages and backgrounds to meet and share skills, knowledge and life experiences. Sheddies work together on practical projects for the whole community.

As far as possible, the Shed is financed by member fees and contributions. However, the Shed also relies on support from sponsors, local businesses, individuals and the community. Additional help is always welcome and the more help, the more the Shed can do to inmprove the health and wellbeing of men in the Upper Blue Mountains.

People, organisations and businesses can help in many ways. Some of these are outlined below.

Cash donations

Cash donations may be made in one of the following ways:

  • in person at the Shed
  • by cheque made out to 'Katoomba Men's Shed Inc'.
  • by direct bank transfer - use the form in the right column to request bank details.

Cash donations will be always applied to purchasing tools and equipment or used to support Shed projects and programs. We do not use donations to cover operation costs, which are fully covered by the members.

Cash donors are recognised through the sponsors and supporters recognition scheme outlined below.

The Katoomba Men's Shed Inc is not currently registered as a charity, however we can arrange tax deductability for donations over $100 through our unbrella body, the Australian Men's Shed Association. If you intend to claim your donation to the Shed as a tax deduction, just ask to discuss your donation with our treasurer and he will arrange for the donation to be registered with the AMSA.

Donations of tools, equipment or materials

The Shed always welcomes extra tools, equipment or materials that can be used in projects. Donating tools and equipment preserves heritage and reduces waste. Tools and equipment were made to be used and it is a shame to see them rusting away in a corner or even worse, dumped in the rubbish bin.

If the Shed does not have a use for donated tools and equiment they will do their best to find a home for them. After initial work to bring the tools to working order, we will try to place them with another Men's Shed. If a home cannot be found, the restored tools will be sold to a good home and the proceeds applied to Shed projects.

Please call in or phone the Shed to discuss donations of tools, equipment or materials. We hope you understand that we cannot always accept your offer, particularly for large quantities of rarely used materials.  Also, please don't leave donations outside our door, we are not a waste disposal service!

Substantial donations of tools, equipment or materials may be recognised through the sponsors and supporters recognition scheme on request.

Donation of services or in-kind support

Some businesses prefer to provide direct support by supplying particular services at no cost, or at a reduced rate. These donations are particularly important in supporting the day-to-day operations of the Shed. In-kind support is recognised through the sponsors and supporters recognition scheme outlined below.


Perhaps you would like to make provision in your will to support the Katoomba Men's Shed. You should first discuss this with your family and make your wishes clear. We would also suggest that you discuss the bequest with your solicitor and have them make the necessary provisions in your will. The following wording might be a good starting point.

“I give to Katoomba Men's Shed Inc. INC 9883258  [insert here what you would like to give] for its general purposes. I declare that the receipt of the president or treasurer of Katoomba Men’s Shed Inc is a complete discharge of this gift and my Executor / Trustee [delete the term not used in your will] is not bound to see to the application of this gift."

Bequests may include a sum of money or perhaps tools or equipment that you think the Shed could use. Donations made through a bequest will be recognised through the sponsorship recognition scheme unless confidentiality has been requested.

Sponsors and supporters recognition scheme

The Katoomba Men's Shed values the people and organisations who provide donations and other support. Our supporters recognition scheme follows a distinctively 'shedders' view of the world, with value expressed in woodworking terms.

Nuts and bolts supporters have donated up to $500 or equivalent in any one year. They will be listed on the KMS website.

Silver supporters have donated up to $1000 or the equivalent in any one year or been a regular nuts and bolts supporter for 3 years. They will be recognised on the KMS website and in the KMS newsletter

Gold supporters have donated over $2000 or the equivalent in any one year or been a silver supporter for 3 years. Gold supporters will be recognised on the KMS website, in each edition of the KMS newsletter and on a gold-supporters board at the Shed.

Sponsors and supporters are listed on our Supporters page and in our Newsletter.


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