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Policy on carers in the Shed

Carers policyThe Katoomba Men's Shed is inclusive and, encourages membership and participation of people from all walks of life.

The Shed is a community based, not for profit organisation, manned by volunteers who attend the Men's Shed on a voluntary basis.

  • The Shed is not a service delivery organisation.
  • The Shed is not managed by qualified health, education or human services personnel.
  • The members are not equipped, skilled, qualified or trained to manage or meet the needs of those who may require intensive assistance or specialist care.

For this reason, men who need specialised care must be accompanied by a carer while they are at the Shed. The person providing the care may be a professional carer, volunteer, relative or friend.

The policy establishes the basis for carers attending the Katoomba Men's Shed and is intended to clarify membership and other requirements for carers.

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