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Will KMS help with my project?


Other members will generally help men with projects where possible. In most cases this help is giving advice and helping learn new skills, rather than doing the job for you.

Jobs for the public

KMS can often help people with small projects like furniture repairs, with a few important exceptions:

  1. We prefer not to do work that could compete with local busnesses and trades people. We don't think it is fair for a not-for-profit organisation with few overhead costs to take business away from legitimate businesses.
  2. We prefer not to take on projects away from the Shed. Remember, we are primarily a place for men to be with other men. If the men are all away doing off-site projects for people, there would be nobody at the Shed to make it work as it is intended.
  3. A project has to be within our capabilities and legal qualifications. While we have some tradesmen among our members, most are retired and no longer hold the necessary licences.
  4. We have to have members interested in doing the project. If the Shed becomes too much like work, members may not want to come!
  5. We generally don't take on cabinetry projects. We are not equipped to achieve the professional finish usually required and there are a number of local businesses who depend on this type of work.

Our primary community service is addressing men's health and related issues, by providing a place for men to gather and work on projects. Our ability to do other community projects is a by-product of our activities, rather than our main purpose.

KMS is not a centre of excellence for quality handcrafts. Yes we do have some highly skilled craftsmen, but we also have members who are just having a go. Some are learning new skills and some are self-taught. 

Having said all that, if you have a project that you would like the Shed to help with, call in and talk it over or send as an enquiry (see contacts page). It does not hurt to ask, but please don't be offended if we say no.


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