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About us

The Men's Shed movement began in Australia in the 1990s. There were concerns about men's health, but there was little encouragement in Australian culture for men to meet and talk over their issues. However, men were comfortable with the concept of the backyard shed, where many would go on a regular basis to potter about and work on projects. So the concept was born of a community-based shed as a place where men could go to meet other men, socilise and work on projects.

The Katoomba Men’s Shed is a not for profit community organisation affiliated with Australian Men’s Shed Association. It aims to promote the health and well being of men, and provides an opportunity for men to share time together,  swap yarns and work together on community projects.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Shed's dedicated volunteers have donated their time and skills to restore the old Light Horse stables at Katoomba Showground into a Men's Shed.

The shed has a well equipped workshop, but it is so much more than a workshop space. The facilities are being developed all the time, to further the objectives of the movement.

KMS Publications

pubs thumbThese publications are prepared for members and others who may be interested in our men's Shed.


History of Katoomba Men's Shed

Throughout the early to mid 1990s concerns were growing around Australia about men's health. There was little encouragement in Australian culture for men to meet and talk over their issues. Men were comfortable with the concept of the backyard shed and would often gather in backyard sheds to potter about and work on projects. So the concept was born of a community-based ‘shed’ as a place where men could go to meet other men, socialise and possibly work on projects.

The first Men's Sheds appeared in Tongala Victoria and Lane Cove NSW in 1998. They were not the result of any coordinated or organised national approach - that came later. These early Sheds appeared spontaneously, and the idea spread.

A small group of men in the upper Blue Mountains started to talk about creating a Men's Shed in the early years of the new century. The key obstacle was to find a place for the Shed to call home. Then an ordinary meeting of the Blue Mountains City Council in 14 December 2004 resolved as follows:

RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY on the MOTION of Councillors Angel and Searle:

  1. That Council support the Katoomba Men's Shed in establishing the Men's Shed Project at the Trotters Pavilion, 189-191 Great Western Highway, Katoomba at no cost to Council subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this Mayoral Minute.
  2. That Council consent to the lodgement of the Land Use Application for the proposed use of the building as a community art-room and craft workshop.


The trotting pavilion required extensive work to make it suitable for use as a Men's Shed. Photo dated 18 February 2005. The building had just been hosed out by the Fire Brigade and a trotting gig can be seen in the right foreground.

The 'Trotters Pavilion' is part of the Katoomba Showground complex. Originally constructed in the 1920s as stables for the Australian Light Horse (light cavilry army regiment) . The building had also been used as a poultry pavilion. There had also been an accompanying army drill hall that had been used for training by the State Emergency Sercices organisation. Following major roadworks and a realignment of the roads in the area around 2008, the drill hall was demolished ane the address of the Shed was changed to 6 Orient Street.

With the Council providing the premises, the way was finally open, and work could begin on establishing the Shed more formally. Katoomba Men's Shed (KMS) was registered as an Incorporated Association on 24 Febriary 2005. A developoment application was approved for the modifications necessary to convert the building into an operational Men's Shed. 

Work progressed quite rapidly, mostly carried out by voluntary labour. A lunch and meeting room was constructed, new doors were cut into the walls, a wrap-around deck was constructed (providing emergency exits for the lunch room) and the roof was replaced. The workshop was set up with generous donations and a few strategic purchases.

Finally, in May 2006, the Shed was launched for normal operations.


Members and families at the official launch of the Katoomba Men's Shed in May 2006.

KMS has continued to build and develop as the years go by. It is now financially secure, has a healthy membership base and operates 4 days each week.

The current members of KMS owe a debt of gratitude to the small group of men who had the vision to create a Men's Shed at a time when few such organisations existed. There were probably less than 25 Men's Sheds in Australia (and the world) when the  idea to create KMS was first raised. At the time of writing there were almost 1000 Men's Sheds in Australia and the idea is rapidly spreading worldwide.


Will KMS help with my project?


Other members will generally help men with projects where possible. In most cases this help is giving advice and helping learn new skills, rather than doing the job for you.

Jobs for the public

KMS can often help people with small projects like furniture repairs, with a few important exceptions:

  1. We prefer not to do work that could compete with local busnesses and trades people. We don't think it is fair for a not-for-profit organisation with few overhead costs to take business away from legitimate businesses.
  2. We prefer not to take on projects away from the Shed. Remember, we are primarily a place for men to be with other men. If the men are all away doing off-site projects for people, there would be nobody at the Shed to make it work as it is intended.
  3. A project has to be within our capabilities and legal qualifications. While we have some tradesmen among our members, most are retired and no longer hold the necessary licences.
  4. We have to have members interested in doing the project. If the Shed becomes too much like work, members may not want to come!
  5. We generally don't take on cabinetry projects. We are not equipped to achieve the professional finish usually required and there are a number of local businesses who depend on this type of work.

Our primary community service is addressing men's health and related issues, by providing a place for men to gather and work on projects. Our ability to do other community projects is a by-product of our activities, rather than our main purpose.

KMS is not a centre of excellence for quality handcrafts. Yes we do have some highly skilled craftsmen, but we also have members who are just having a go. Some are learning new skills and some are self-taught. 

Having said all that, if you have a project that you would like the Shed to help with, call in and talk it over or send as an enquiry (see contacts page). It does not hurt to ask, but please don't be offended if we say no.


Friends of KMS

Friends of KMS is an email based mailing list for people who want to keep in touch with the Katoomba Men's Shed. It is intended for people who are not current members, but support or are interested in the Shed.

The mailing list is used sparingly, to deliver newsletters and ocassional updates or announcements. Subscribers can remove themselves from the list at any time they choose. A link to unsubscribe is included on each message.

Subscribing to Friends of KMS.

If you would like to join our 'Friends of KMS' email list. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

KMS is committed to protecting your privacy and your details are not available to other subscribers and even access within the Shed is limited to those who manage the system.

Unsubscribing from Friends of KMS

Instructions will be included in every message, explaining how to remove your email address from the mailing list. This is an automated function of Google Groups and does not require us at the Shed to do anything. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 If you have any problems, Contact the Shed and we will remove your name from the list manually.

About Katoomba Men's Shed

Members chat over a cup of tea's ready xxxxxxx.The Katoomba Men’s Shed is a not for profit community organisation that promotes the health and wellbeing of men by providing opportunities for men to share time together, swap yarns and work together on community or personal projects. It is inclusive and encourages membership and participation of men from all walks of life.

We are particularly aware of the social isolation and the boredom that often leads to depression when men experience a change of circumstances such as ceasing work.

The Men’s Shed provides a place where men can be in the company of other men. There is good evidence that just belonging to a community organisation can be a big help. Experience also shows that men are more likely to talk through their problems in this sort of environment.

Friendship, loyalty and camaraderie are highly valued in Men’s Sheds around the world, where shedders are offered with a place to belong and contribute with purpose.

Katoomba Men’s Shed provides for a wide range of activities including computers, electronics, gardening and a range of workshop-based hobbies. It also provides opportunities for more passive activities such as a chat with other men, a game of cards or reading a book from the in-house exchange library. The activity program is flexible and can be easily adapted to cater for new interests, particularly when a member is prepared to share their personal skills and experience to lead a new activity.

The Katoomba Men’s Shed is an independent and self-funded organisation affiliated with the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

Related information


The objectives of our Shed are established in the Shed rules (Constitution). They are:

To advance the health and well-being of our members by providing a safe and happy environment where skilled and unskilled men can, in the company of other men,
(a) Pursue hobbies, pastimes and interests
(b) Learn new skills, practice and pass on old skills
(c) Learn about their own and other men's health and well-being
(d) By their efforts, contribute to their families, their friends, the Shed and their community
(e) Mentor younger men

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