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Blue mountains at Katoomba


The Katoomba Men’s Shed is a not for profit community organisation affiliated with Australian Men’s Shed Association. It aims to promote the health and well being of men, and provides an opportunity for men to share time together,  swap yarns and work together on community projects.

The Men's Shed movement began in Australia in the 1990s. There were concerns about men's health, but there was little encouragement in Australian culture for men to meet and talk over their issues. However, men were comfortable with the concept of the backyard shed, where many would go on a regular basis to potter about and work on projects. So the concept was born of a community-based shed as a place where men could go to meet other men, socilise and work on projects.

Shed Constitution (Rules)

The Katoomba Men's Shed Constitution is in the form of a series of rules, based largely on the Model Rules from the Australian Men's Shed Association, the current rules were adopted in July 2017 and came into force in September 2017.

  • constitutionThe first part of the constutution defines the name and objectives and defines not-for-profit status of the organisation.
  • Part two sets out the basis for membership, the process for joining and fees that apply.
  • Part three defines the composition, role and operation of the Management Committee.
  • Part four sets out the procedures for general meetings of the Shed.
  • Part five contains a number of miscelaneous rules that cover aspects such as the financial and insurance arrangements, custody of books and the source and management of funds.

These rules may be supplemented by more specific policies and procedures, which provide more detail where necessary.

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